/Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium is home of the New England Patriots. The stadium opened in 2002 and holds a capacity of 66,829 fans. Gillette Stadium has seen five super bowl victories in 2002, ’04, ’05, ’15, and ’17. It is located 33 miles from Downtown Boston. Parking is available at Gillette Stadium. It costs $40 for cars to park at a Patriots game.

Parking spaces for guests with mobility limitations are available. Fans who need to park in accessible parking spaces can park in designated ADA disabled parking spaces. They must have a valid disables parking placard or license plate.

Motorcycle parking is limited yet available in specific lots.  The rate for motorcycle parking is $40 for one motorcycle in one regular parking space.

Oversized vehicles parking is available.The rate for oversized vehicles is as follows.$150 for Limos, $150 for busses, $150 for RVs. Oversized vehicles can enter from P10 North and P10 South.